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Cookie Policy

Essential Cookies

This site only uses essential cookies. There are two at present:

  1. Session cookie — Every visit to the site creates a temporary session cookie for the length of the active session. This is used primarily for user-authentication, and error messaging. If you block this cookie, no logged in feature will work, nor will error messaging on some forms.
    Additionally, the GM Reporting form makes use of session cookies to display a summary of your form to you immediately after the form submission. No other un-autheticated user, nor you on a later visit, will be able to see the submitted form responses in the application.
  2. Remember Me — The is used when you request to stay logged in between sessions.

Non-essential Cookies

There are no tracking, analystics, marketting, etc cookies used by this application. If any are added, the site will add the required cookie consent banner, and default all new cookies to not-accepted. This would also entail adding a new essential cookie to track a user's cookie preferences.