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Instructions for Game Masters and Box Runners

Welcome to RPG Con Assist! We aim to make reporting your sessions to the event as painless as possible.

Our form is very close to a direct analogue of the reporting form on Paizo.com, if you're a reporter for a different event, this should feel very familiar to you. We do have two time saving features:

  1. Cut and paste from a spreadsheet for player information
    • RPG Systems (PFS1, PFS2, SFS) — You can cut and paste a block of cells into the labelled 'Cut & Paste scratch area' to fill out most of the player information in one step. This will only work if each player is on their own row in your spreadsheet and the copied columns are in either of the following orders:
      1. Org Play Id, Character Number, Character Name, Faction
      2. Character Name, Org Play ID, Character Number, Faction
      3. Org Play ID-Character Number, Character Name, Faction, Reputation — matches RPGChronicles
      Any extra or hidden columns in-between will mess up the cut & paste. Column values must be tab separated not comma separated — this is the default if you cut and paste from a speadsheet or RPGChronicles. Factions must be the full name, not the abbreviation for those to work. Org Play ID/Character number must be two differnt columns, no hyphen.
    • PACS — Same functionality, but the only supported order is Org Play ID, Character Number, Tier
  2. Copy Fame/Reputation/etc to all players — There's a box and button above the player table for RPG systems where you can enter a number and then press the button to copy to all the players for the common use case of all players earning the same fame/reputation.

After submitting a report, you'll receive an email copy. The report ID number you're given in that report can be used if you need to contact the HQ staff with corrections. Plesae note, this is NOT the session ID as seen on Paizo's site. That number is not assigned until the HQ staff process your report.